IJHMS Vol 4 Issue 5 (2016) ISSN 2320-4036 (Printed Version) ISSN 2320-4044 (Online Version)

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1Role Conflict among Retail Pharmacists in Japan: Organizational and Occupational Commitment

    Toshimichi Homma and Takashi Mitsuishi

    2Goodwill Impairment Disclosure Quality: Adoption of IFRS by Japanese Companies

    Nami Shimada

    3The Values of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility in the Core Mission of Management Education Programs in Jordanian Universities

    Ahmad Assaf

    4Growing Medicinal Plants as a Cultural Heritage in Kampung Naga, Jawa Barat Indonesia

    Eva Tuckyta Sari Sujatna, Dadang Suganda, Reiza D. Dienaputra, Agus S. Suryadimulya, Wagiati, Sugeng Riyanto, and Susi Yuliawati

    5Technology in Learning: Blackboard Usage & Its Impact on Academic Performance; A Case for Universities in Lesotho

    Robert Farayi Nyabawa

    6The Growth of Online Shop and Endorsement at Social Media Support Tax Avoidance: Indonesia Case

    Arum Puspita Prihandika, and Yofi Rosameliana

    7The Requirement of Private Sector on Characteristics of Logistics Staff in Industrial Estate Area, Prachinburi, Thailand

    Oranicha Buthphorm

    8Teacher License Changes and High Schools in Japan

    D.E. Rowe and Richard H. Derrah

    9Brahmanism Rituals Appeared on the Thai Novel Four Reigns (Si Phaen Din)

    Krit Witthawassamrankul, Ph.D.

    10An Evaluation of the Bachelor of Education Program in Educational Measurement (Revised A.D. 2012) Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand

    T. Tungprapa, S. Ruaengsri, K. Chue-Asa and S. Hitagowit

    11The Effect of Intrinsic Motivation and Transformational Leadership on Organizational Commitment of Firefighters in Taiwan

    Yao-Chieh Tsai, Cheng-Ping Shih

    12Study of the Interaction Virtuality/Reality of Digital Social Networks on Student Real Life Management: Algerian Case

    Djaghloul Haroun