IJHMS Vol 2 Issue 3 (2014) ISSN 2320-4036 (Printed Version) ISSN 2320-4044 (Online Version)

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1The New Application of GIS in Urban Planning: Based on Urban Space and Fire Disaster*

    Pei. Chen, Meng. Xi, and Yaping. Huang

    2Small-Towns Development Strategies of New Urbanization in Hubei Province

    Xiao. Shen, Zhan. Chen, Yaping. Huang, Yichun. Li, and Meng. Xi

    3Exploring the Effect of Emotional Intelligence in Sustaining and Progressing in Higher Education Institutions of Pakistan

    Malik, Tabinda and Ahmad, Dr .Humaira

    4The Need for Semantical Understanding of Prosocial Behavior in the Workplace

    Anna Whitehead, MPA, Dr. Steve Hallman, Dr. Michel Plaisent, and Dr. Prosper Bernard

    5Reengineering of Life School Establishment in Primary Schools

    Saeid Farahbakhsh, and Tahereh Mohammadi

    6Understanding Impact of Financial and Non-Financial Measurements in Sudanese Banks' Performance

    Nayla B. Eltinay, and Ridzuan Masri

    7The Relationship Between Corporate Reputation and Service Quality: A Study on Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Market

    Adnan Duygun, S. Ahmet Menteş, and Ahmet Kubaş

    8Vision and Revision: William Styron's Lie Down in Darkness and Set This House on Fir

    Ahmed Elnimeiri

    9Benchmarking of Performance Measurement System to Support Cost Competitive Advantage and Financial Performance - A Conceptual Paper

    Dr. Ibrahim Eldanfour, and Dr. Ibrahim Abushaiba

    10Argument of Accounting for Oil and Gas Upstream Activities

    Dr. Ibrahim Ali Abushaiba, and Dr. Ibrahim Eldanfour

    11Analysis of the value chain of brick industry

    Zeinolabedin Rahmani

    12Modernizability and Formalizability of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations through Islamic Banks

    Mufutau Ayinla Abdul-Yakeen, Dr. Nasir Mukhtar Gatawa, and Prof. AbdulRasheed Na-Allah

    13Financial Performance of the UEP Garments and Textile Center in the University of Eastern Philippines (2011-2012)

    Nelia M. Adora, And Antonieto L. Adora

    14Performance of The Id Production Project In The University Of Eastern Philippines ( 2011-2012)

    Allan A. Ultra

    15The Field Study Program of the College of Education, University of Eastern Philippines: An Evaluation

    Socorro v.Dela Rosa, EdD

    16Development and Validation of a Workbook in Elementary Mathematics VI

    Nelia M. Adora

    17Economic Valuation Of Recreation Benefits Of White Beach Resort In The University Of Eastern Philippines

    Dr. Cherry I. Ultra, Prof. Allan A. Ultra

    18Group investigation in Teaching Elementary Science

    Nelia M. Adora